We all lose bone mass as we age, but make the right moves now and you can armour-plate your personal scaffolding for years to come’




Rest the handle of a kettle bell across your palm, with the bell against your bicep. Squat, stand up and press the bell overhead. This drill increases bone strength in your wrists, arms, shoulders, pelvis and hips. As with muscles, when bones are loaded, they will respond by increasing in strength.




The repetitive impact from the ‘double bounce’ motion when skipping will gradually increase the density throughout the long bones of your legs, hips, pelvis and spine. Start slowly, with a low target such as 50 bounces, and work up from there, focusing on your form and rhythm.




The moves in Tai Chi are great for boosting bone strength – particularly in your trunk, pelvis and shoulders. Try ‘silk reeling’ drills: a series of smooth, fluid stretching moves, pushing up through your legs. Imagine you are pulling in a sheet of silk as you do them. To find out more.


30SEC Greater grip strength


If half a minute is all you have, use your rest time to get viceĀ­ like power. “Don’t throw out yesterday’s newspaper,” says PT Mark Anthonys. “Hold the tip of a sheet, with one arm outstretched and your palm down. Crush the page into a ball.”


1MIN Improved coordination


Take a leaf out of JJ Abrams’ book: it’s time to produce a Super 8. “Stand with your legs hip-width apart, bend forward and pass a med ball between your legs in a figure-of-eight, as fast as you can,” says fitness consultant James Ellis*.


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